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Graham Campbell

Graham Campbell

Wealth Manager Assistant

Daniel Wealth Management is a premier private wealth management firm, driven by a relentless commitment to delivering unparalleled financial guidance and personalized strategies to our esteemed clientele. Graham graduated with honors from Wofford College, accomplishing the feat in an impressive three years.

Fuelled by a passion for finance and a genuine desire to empower individuals and families with the tools to pursue their financial aspirations, Graham has embarked on an ambitious journey of continuous learning and professional growth. Currently, they are actively immersed in comprehensive preparations to obtain esteemed industry licenses, including the series 7 and series 66 exams, which will further augment their experience and broaden the scope of services they offer.

 In line with our unwavering commitment to excellence, Graham is also on the path to securing an insurance license and pursuing the prestigious SEI certification. By undergoing this rigorous training and obtaining the requisite qualifications, Graham is poised to become an invaluable asset in navigating the intricate financial landscape with precision and insight.